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What is Mental HIIT?

Mental HIIT implements concepts from HIIT and applies them to meditation.

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. In HIIT, a high intensity exercise (such as sprinting) is done for a set amount of time, say 15 seconds. What follows is a rest activity such as walking for a set amount of time, say 30 seconds. This cycle is done for a number of repetitions.

As can be gathered, this sort of training is intense, which is partly why it can be so effective. Two of the main benefits of the method are that they are time effective and that they are easy to keep track of and progress.

Progression can take a few different forms, it might involve any combination of increasing the high intensity time, decreasing the low intensity time, or increasing the amount of repetitions.

Mental HIIT takes this concept and applies it to the process of focusing.

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How It Works

There are four main factors in Mental HIIT:

Focus Time: The is the amount of time you are attempting to maintain uninterrupted awareness.

Rest Time: This is the amount of time you rest for. During this period it is perfectly fine to let your mind wander, scratch an itch, make plans to reunite with your long lost best friend from second grade. Don’t think of it like that though, during these seconds you need to rest up enough to focus again.

Reps: The amount of repetitions. Note that initially your reps will be high as your focus and rest time will be low, but as they increase your reps will decrease to control for time.

Cool Down: The cool down period is intended to be used a standard meditation period. This allows you to integrate your current meditation practice with your Mental HIIT. It is optional to have a cool down.

It is recommended to choose Smart Trainer at first. It will start you at level 1 and will take you all the way up to level infinity.

The Manual Training mode is useful if you don’t want to continue your Smart Training and you want to program your own session for reasons of time or experimentation.

Use the sound cues to guide you. There is a three second count in to help you get prepared, and then you go into your session.

How Hard Is It?

For most people, level Level 1 will be easy and it is designed to be that way. Take it seriously, progress, and then see how easy level 10 is. Failure is expected.

Your first goal is to go from a focus max of 5 seconds to a focus max of 1 minute.

What Is Failure? How Do I Know If I Failed?

You might be wondering how you know if you failed, I mean, what does failure really mean in context to focusing?

Failure occurs when miss a rep. Missing a rep is getting distracted and losing your focus during your focus time. Getting distracted does not mean having thoughts or noticing new sounds, it means more that your train of thought got derailed and you do not know how or when you go on this new train.

Imagine the focus period is like are holding some heavy weights in your hands. Failing is not having an itch, getting a thought about how great your prom night was 20 years ago, or realizing that Puff Daddy is a brilliant rapper, no failure is breaking contact with the weights and dropping them.

How Often Should I Train?

It is recommendation to train 3-7 times per week.

What Is A Focus Max?

Once you hit Level 21, the progression scheme will change slightly and you start training what is called your Focus Max.

This figure can be thought of as your 1 Rep Max in terms of weight lifting, but applied to how long you can focus for uninterrupted. The different training scheme is needed because the greater the ability you have to focus, the more complex methods you need to train it.

When you are testing your focus max, your goal is to go for as long as you can until you fail your rep. It is advised you be more critical of if you failed as your next level will be based on this measure. As soon as your mental form breaks down consider the test over.

The methodology that Mental HIIT uses is intended to increase the length you are able to focus for uninterrupted, but it also has the side effect of increasing your awareness of when you lose focus. This is because as you climb the levels, you start to experience focus fatigue, and this in turn gives you awareness of when you are losing your focus.


If there are any questions, please contact me, If you have any strategies or successes make sure to share them!